Why is Self-care Important?

Self care

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We live in a busy world with different things competing for our attention. Most of the time we tend to think it is our duty to say yes to whatever demands our attention. It might be children, work, our boss, deadlines, family, friends or even our pets. More times that one this leaves us exhausted and miserable. What do you when you feel everything is pilling on you, when you feel like you are drowning, and you can’t move an inch? It is time for self-care. Self-care is important to the maintenance of health. It improves confidence, self-esteem and general feel-good about oneself. Engaging on self-care activities helps remind yourself of your own needs.
Your own needs are very important. Our job is not just to look after others but ourselves. This reminds me of the demonstrations we are given when we are on a flight, one thing which always strikes me is that the emphasis is always on the fact that should an emergency situation occur and the air ducks are dropped, you need to put your own first before helping any other person even your own child. You cannot care for others if you are not okay yourself.

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